Thursday, 7 August 2008

A look back: My first ever project

This is a look back at my first ever knitting project! How cool! I found this when I was looking for something else on a visit to my parent's house last week and recognized it instantly. I remember my mom teaching me how to knit and then starting this scarf for me. I remember working on it on the 1.5hr long bus ride home. I adorned a teddy bear for years once it was complete. Notice how the two colours aren't even. I did the green side first, and by the time I was that much done the maroon, I couldn't take it anymore and quit! Ha.

But look at it! Look at the huge holes that are rife through the green side.

And I love the two lone rows of perl in here. My mom must have thought that I was getting bored, or showed promise to have tried to teach me that!

Anyways, I loved seeing it and thought I would share.
And yes. I'm stilly trying to come up with my next project...

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