Wednesday, 19 November 2008

More yarn needed!

Have you ever run out of the yarn you need to finish a project? Have you ever run out the yarn when you only need a smidge more? Well, I just need a smidge more! Just a little bit. 

See how close I am to being done! And I ran out of yarn! Yarn from my stash, so I was just trying to us it up! I don't want another skien, but another skien has been ordered!! Oh woe. What will I do with another part skein? I don't particularly love this Cascade yarn. I don't know why. But I don't think it would make a nice toque. (Toque is the Canadian relative of the beanie. I believe there is a technical reason why they are different, but I don't remember which one has the rolled up band and which one does not.) But, if I don't make a toque with it, what will I do with it? Oh my ever growing stash.

Speaking of ever growing stashes! While I was looking for the other left over yarn of this type (which I found and used all of already in the sweater) I found yarn I'd totally forgotten about! I remember buying the yarn. There's a half ball of yarn that I bought in Ireland to make Meg and Wendy mittens out of. When did that migrate down from Canada to California? It must have come on some trip! But when? Just how long has it been hiding under my bed. (You don't want to know what's hiding under my bed!) So I have yet again more partially used balls of yarn to add to my stash. 
And still I want to buy more yarn! I think I have a sickness. 

And hopefully my yarn will come soon to finish Xavier's Twisted Tree Sweater. Until then, I guess I'm back to working on the afghan, the tudora or maybe, just maybe I'll start a sweater for myself...?

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