Friday, 19 December 2008

Good Day

Today is a good day. Why? There are just sooo many reasons. To quote that poetess, “Let me count the ways.”
1) It is my last day before I fly home for Christmas!! Yay. Home for Christmas. I can’t want to see my sibs and rents, and my bestest friend, and my nephew (and the snow!). I still have a ton to do tonight (laundry, pack, etc, etc) but it’ll get done and tomorrow morning I will be at the airport trying to find a way to
2) Mrs. K-S said she liked our Christmas cookies!!! Mrs. K-S is the wife of a co-worker of mine. She is probably the best baker/cook/chef I will ever meet. She makes her own ice cream, bread, chocolates, pasta from scratch… you get the picture. Whatever you want, she can make it for you. She’s the one who helped me practice and taught me all the decorating techniques I would need to make Jim and Erin’s wedding cake. So, L and I actually went through all of types of cookies and only gave her the ones we thought were good enough. Yay for our cookies being good enough!
3) I got two (count them two!) requests for knitted gifts today. As much as I love knitting, I love knitting things for people even more than I love knitting for myself! I’m one of those weird people who would much rather give a gift than receive one (although I like gifts too!). So to get two requests in one day is amazing! One will be a late Christmas gift, but the other I probably won’t start until January. Still, I’m already stoked for it!
There is one reason today is sort of a sucky day (other than the rain outside. Actually – I like rain.). The cookies have not arrived. I had them delivered to work because it’s sort of a pain to receive packages at home, and they didn’t come. *sigh* Thus I have bequeathed them to my office. I’ve told a few people that should a box arrive for me next week they are allowed to open it and partake of the contents. Maybe I can convince someone to take a picture for me and I can post that.

The next post will have more craft details I promise. There’ve been some changes to the Christmas arrangements and thus I’ve been scrambling to finish up a few small projects to give as gifts. I’ll post about them on or after Dec25. Until then they are sort of secrets..

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