Sunday, 14 November 2010

Petit Lapins

It has arrived! The time when I start to show off what I'm making the kiddies for Christmas! Here's the first cardigan, made for my youngest niece:

You may recall that I made something ridiculously similar last year. ... Yeah. It's the same cardigan... only the lace patter is different this time. And the colour. And really? It's so cute on N and that I wanted to make one for M.

(PS - as you can see... I found my camera. It took me a LONG time with lots of looking... and I found so many other things while looking. My winter boots! {phew} Fifteen dollars. Some old CDs. ... but I finally found it. Where? you ask. ... you'll never guess. In the middle console on my car. You know... between the two seats? Whatever possessed me to put it there I'll never know. But at least it's been found!)


stephchows said...

wait so does this mean your family doesn't read your blog!?!? you're giving up the surprises!!

Jeanne said...

Yeah. They totally think my crafty blog is all boring and stuff, so they don't read it.
Besides... they generally see what I'm working on so it's not a surprise! (I have to work hard to surprise them!)