Friday, 22 February 2013

once forgotten

Itchy hat? made by me. (pattern)
Awesome cowl? made by Steph. (Thanks!!! Loves it!!) (pattern)

I actually made this hat almost 9 months ago. I started knitting it on the flight to Italy last April. I'd hoped to finish it and while sitting in St. Peter's Square and get some pictures there. No dice. Once I was in Italy there were just too many awesome things to see and do. No time for knitting! Then I finished it on the flight home.

After that, I sort of forgot about it for awhile. But I brought it this past weekend on my trip to see Steph. And if anyone can get a good pic of something, it's her. Thanks again! For the pics, and the great weekend!


stephchows said...

Thanks for the compliment! You were a great model :) And I love the scarf on you too!

stephchows said...
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Corrie said...

Too bad it is itchy, it is cute!