Monday, 12 May 2008

Coming soon to a blog near you…

I’m planning to post a slideshow of my latest project soon. The wedding x-stitch that I’m working on. I’ve been taking pictures of it as I work on it. In the beginning I was taking a picture every day after I’d finished working on it, but after a few days when I only did about 20 stitches, I got lazy. So there are some bigger jumps that have a few days shown.
But the cross stitch is going okay. I forgot how different it is to do a x-stitch than a knitting project. A lot more time is spent looking at the project, so it’s a little harder to watch tv effectively. I was watching The Kingdom yesterday, and I missed a lot of the subtitled parts because I was looking down rather than looking up. Made the movie less understandable, but at least I was productive during that time. Plus, t also takes a little while longer to see the results. Or so I think. But that’s okay because I’m enjoying the change. I think I will be ready for another knitting project once this one is done though.
Oh, and as a sneak preview, this is what the pattern is, but ignore the words. I am changing those. It’s not a traditional wedding picture, but somehow I think it fits. I just hope they like it.

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