Wednesday, 21 May 2008

Some mistakes...

See the red box? Well, every single stitch within that red box is all wrong. Wrong, wrong, WRONG. When I was filling in the spaces with the lighter blue, I realized that I missed two rows as I was going up doing the darker blue. Sigh.
So, now the question is: do I take all of those stitches out, or do I just continue and make it up as I go along? I can easily (possibly) just add two rows to the top variating between the blues so that it matches up with the other side eventually. I'd work the pattern properly on the other side. I want it to be the same dimension, so I wouldn't subtract two rows from the other side or anything. It's not like it really matters since it's just sky and cloud. It's not like the kid's faces are would be distorted.
It's only about 1hr or work, so I could rip it out in about 15 min and redo it... but is it really worth it? Will anyone notice? No. I won't even notice I don't think. It's not like knitting where the sleeves would be too small. I'm tempted not to redo it.

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