Monday, 30 June 2008

It's done!

It’s done!
(um… sort of).
Yes! The cross stitch is done. Finally! Thank you Stardust for helping me to finish. There is one thing left to do. Add the wording. But everything in the picture, and ALL of the outlining is complete. I like it. I do. To be honest, the kids sort of freaked me out for a little while. I added on their eyes/mouth before I’d outlined their heads, and it looked so weird! Really weird! But now that they are outlined, they look less freaky. More cute.
I’d show you, but… my camera finally really died. I can’t take a picture. I’m going to try and borrow a camera tomorrow and then I’ll post a picture and maybe repost the slideshow (cause I love it!). But for now I’m happy that it’s done.

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