Thursday, 3 July 2008

Finished picture

Yay! Here it is! This is the first picture I’m taking with my new camera! Isn’t it great?
My latest craft is done. Done, done, done! Err – did I say done? It’s not done. sigh. I still have to add the names and the date. The names I know. The date: not so much. Well, I guess I finished it on time! Unless they elope. Highly unlikely. So all that there is left to do is figure out the font, hope that font fits the area left at the bottom, and x-stitch that in.

Now I just need to decide what my next project will be. A new sweater for me or a stuffed monkey. I have to buy yarn for the sweater pattern, but I think I can scrounge up yarn for the monkey. And who doesn’t want a stuffed monkey!? (Well, I'm sure the kid I'd be knitting it for would love it!) I saw this pattern in a library book, and I couldn’t resist it. Too cute.

He's like my mother bear bears, only cuter, and a little more complicated.

PS - Updated slideshow is on the way. Can't wait.

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