Monday, 26 October 2009

Puff Hat

Last week I had a fun guest post by Steph, who as I mentioned is in some ways my twin. We like so many of the same things! So it was sort of funny when she sent her post over that she'd made a puff slouch hat, cause not that long ago I made one too. Different pattern, but very similar.

I didn't post about this hat before because I wasn't overjoyed by the outcome. It's okay, but not fabulous.
This was made for a friend from my soccer team for her birthday. Pink is her colour. She has pink on her cleats. If she can she wears pink soccer socks. She just loves pink. It seems that way doesn't it. Pink is one of those colours that people either love or hate.

I got the pattern from here and it was pretty easy to make. The puff stitch was totally new to me so I had to watch the video. But I've said it once and I will say it again, youtube has been the best thing ever for my knitting. Anything I need to learn it can teach me.

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stephchows said...

I saw this pattern linked on your ravelry!! I love this one! It's in my "to do list" haha.

A little over a week and I'm there!! WOOHOOO!