Tuesday, 13 October 2009


I designed another hat! But unlike my last design attempt (that was so horrible it deserved a T. ... for Troll), I think this one turned out okay. In fact, I think it deserves a solid C+.

It's not perfect, so it doesn't deserve an A. (Well, unless the A stands for Acceptable.) I'll be the first to admit that it has some problems. Still, I'm satisfied with it. I won't feel bad giving it as a birthday gift (which is why I made this one). But I know that there is still some room for improvement.

Good things about this hat:
1) The cables worked out nicely.
2) It's pretty simple, so it was easy to knit up.
3) It's the right size! It isn't too short or to small or too big.

Bad things:
1) The cables aren't as obvious as I would like them to be. I think that is partially because of the yarn. But still it could have been done better.
2) Okay. I admit it. While it's not too short or to small or too big, it is a little long. But if you do the cute flip up of the brim, it's an okay length. And I think the hat looks cute like that.

So there it is. My hat design attempt. I think I may try making this design again, but with different yarn and see if I can make the length and diamond design work better. If I can, I'll post the instructions. Ooh. Wouldn't that be exciting?! My first design!

Either way, I hope the gift is well liked. We'll see...

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