Tuesday, 29 December 2009

Christmas Hats

Sorry it's been soooooo long. But I've been on vacation. Okay, okay. I know that's no excuse, but really I haven't been at a computer almost at all in the last week. I've been playing with my niece&nephew, playing games, cooking, baking, making snowmen, doing puzzles...
AND I've been doing lots of knitting! Yay.
Unfortunately, almost everything I've made has been gifted and the people took them before I even got a chance to take a picture. Boo.
Fortunately, that has to mean that everyone liked their stuff. Right...?

So this year for Christmas, everyone in my family got a homemade toque (Americans: toque = beanie). These are the ones that I gave them. My brother in law got one of the ones that I made just in the nick of time!

It's called the Jacques Cousteau hat. And I like it a lot. The pattern took longer than I thought it should... It also took a lot more yarn than I thought it would... but what can you do? It's long so it will be warm, and because of the ribbing it's nice and stretchy.

Only, I totally messed up the pattern. It said to use 120 or 140 stitches! That is WAY too many in my opinion, so I cast on 110. That worked for the ribbing pattern... but when it came time to decrease, I was sort of in a bind. I had to do it so that the decrease panels are different sizes. Luckily, I don't think you can tell. :) (To make it all work out, I should have cast on 100. That would have for sure still been big enough.)
And I think my BIL liked it, so that's all you can ask for.

Hope y'all have had as great a Christmas as I've had. More finished projects to come soon. I promise.

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Typy said...

The original pattern is made for very thin yarn, that is the reason for big stitch amounts. Luckily you noticed that early enough. The color of your Cousteau hat is so beautiful. It lifts you up to the sky.