Friday, 22 January 2010

Baby blankets: a love story

I had an epiphany the other day when I was crocheting away, watching last year's season finale of Lost. Soo excited about the upcoming and final season! I'd forgotten so many fun little plot points and conspiracy theories. Oh. Love the show.
Anyways... Back to my epiphany.
It was simply this: Making an afghan is sort of like a love story.
At least, for me they are. Especially when the pattern has you start in the center and work your way out. This is what happens:

Girl Meets Pattern
(Girl Meets Boy)
Maybe you aren't on the look out, or maybe you are. Perhaps you are minding your own business when a pattern for a baby afghan (that boy) catches your eye. It's(he's) so cute. Wouldn't that pattern look great in blue yarn(boy look great in a blue shirt)? You can't stop thinking about it(him). You're infatuated. The only thing you can do is give in.

Starting the Pattern (the first date):
So, you give in and start crocheting (go out on a date). And familiarize yourself with the pattern(learn some cool stuff about the boy). And that's it - you're hooked. (Crocheting pun not intended.)

Things are going so well! The pattern(dating) is great! You are whipping through the rows. And things seem great!

The Middle (Conflict):
Then the worst happens. After a while... something happens. Maybe you have find out you actually hate the pattern (hate the boy). Or you make a mistake and don't want to correct it (get into a fight). Or maybe things just get monotonous.

Unfortunately, that is where I am right now. Afghans that start at the center are great to start! Not so great to finish. When you start, finishing a row is SOOO fast. You see it grow quickly and you feel so great about how well it's going! But as times go on, as the afghan gets bigger, and the rows get longer it take progressively more and more time to finish! Like, right now it takes me about 20min+ to finish a round. It makes me wonder how long it will take once I have a few more rows on this sucker! (Um... Can I get a consensus on how big baby blankets should be?)

Happily Ever After:
But the middle doesn't have to be the end of the story.
Yes. You can give up (break up). But you can persevere. You work through the hard stuff, and as you keep going you remember just what made you fall in love with this project (boy). And everyone lives happily ever after.
Luckily I think this project and I will live happily ever after.
Other than the fact I'm not so sure about the colours I chose... I thought I liked the yellow, but really I don't.

(Actually, I'm really liking this project. It's is 1000000x better than the star baby afghan I made last year. This pattern is easy to understand and sort of fun to do. It just takes so freaking long!)

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