Sunday, 20 February 2011

Attention Defi... Oooh! What's that?

I definitely, without a doubt, no question have ADD when it comes to knitting. They're are patterns I've been meaning to knit, would love to knit, would love to have the finished object. I've had these projects bookmarked/queued for months and in some case years and yet I never get to them.

But then there are other patterns that I see and Oh! I just have to make that right now! I don't know what the difference is. Do I have to be in some sort of a lull and need something new? Does the patten have to be amazing? Some combination?
I'm not sure. It just happens. Like this hat Quinn was wearing on this week's episode of Glee. The second I saw it, I knew it would be my next knit.

Sure I have like 4 other things on the go. And 3 things waiting to be started. Projects that need to get completed. Doesn't matter. This has my attention now!

So... it didn't turn out exactly as I would have wanted. The end is a little too pointy.

But all in all, for wiping it up in two days, I like it! I'll definitely wear it!
And now I can return to my regularly scheduled knitting queue. Well... that is until I see the next .... Oh! What's that? ...


stephchows said...

love the button detail!!!!

Jeanne said...

me too! Any guesses where that button originally came from?? ... my parent's old couch! Thank you random button collection. :)