Tuesday, 29 March 2011

Mara by any other name

I don't know when it was I first looked up the meaning of my name. Perhaps it was in High School. Like a lot of people, I was named after a relative. In my case I'm the namesake for both my Opa and Oma, and I've always been sort of proud of that. Sure "God is gracious" isn't the most exciting meaning for a name out there, and Jeanne was sort of annoying to grow up with (I hated the first day of school), but now I like my name. It's part of me. And in a way, I think it matches who I am.

And while I don't put a lot of stock into name meanings, I do think they are worth considering. Which leads me to ask: why, oh why, would you name something this pretty Mara?
Sure, Mara sounds like a pretty name, but it means bitterness. Bitterness?
I love this shawls and how the ribbing looks a little bit like ruffles. I love that I think it is versatile enough to wear with a jacket or with a spring/summer dress. Bitterness? The only thing that could make me bitter about this shawl is that I want two! Or three! Wouldn't a nice light coloured shawl be perfect for spring? With the last traces of snow melting, that would be perfect!

On that note, Yay for spring and fun spring activities! Although a small part of me is sad to see the winter hat/mitt/scarf season go, there is so much good stuff to be looking forward to! I'm looking forward to getting out to do more.


stephchows said...

m freshman year college roommate was named mara... and she was MEAN!!! LOL So happy you came and visited!!!

Corrie said...

Is this a cowl??

Jeanne said...

No. It's a shawl. But turned backwards so the height of the triangle is at the front and the it's wrapped around the back. You know. ... the cool way to wear shawls. (or so I think...)
A cowl is like a neckwarmer. Only not necessarily that tight. It is circular, with a shawl is a triangle scarf.
(um. make sense?)