Monday, 4 April 2011

Origami tulips

For me, tulips are the harbinger of spring. Or maybe when I was living in California it was those daffodils that pop up along canada road that were just waiting to make me happy when I was out for a weekend bike ride. Either way, those bulb flowers make me so very happy.
But what happens when you just can't wait that long for spring to come? It'll be weeks before the tulips are out. And I want it to be spring now!
Well, momma used to say: If you can't the mountain to Muhammed, then make him some origami tulips!

Look! Instant spring! Okay, so it wasn't exactly instant. It did take me an half hour or so to make these... But well worth it!
I just followed the instructions found here. And if like me, and some other fabulous people I know (you know who you are), and you are diagram-ly challenged (please do not ask me to put together Ikea furniture) there are super helpful youtube videos too.
Super fun! Especially the part where to you get to blow them up like a balloon.

So make a spring garden, I say. Or brighten someone's day. Or take them when you pick someone up at the airport. Cause the best thing about these flowers? They never die. (Although they are highly crushable.)


stephchows said...

oo tulips!! We have some greens popping up in our garden! Can't wait for them to pop! Although if the deer eat them... I'm not going to be happy!!!

Jeanne said...

Oh those silly deer! They better stay out of your garden this year.

Corrie said...

Cheater! ;)

Ty'sMommy said...

Oooo I like them! The daffodils around here are popping up all over, but not too many tulips yet.