Monday, 26 April 2010

Spring is... well... it's sprung

I love tulips. Really, I truly do. I don't know if it's because I'm half Dutch or because I grew up in Ottawa. Or both. Probably both. And because my parents have always had awesome tulips out in front and seeing them bloom meant that it was really and truly spring.

Well, as you can tell, spring has sprung. And sprung with a vengeance!! One day the tulips were just buds.
And two days later when I came back for another visit they were in full bloom!

I love tulips. All the different colours and sizes and breeds.
Know what else is blooming? This afghan. Yup. Another one. People just keep having kids! So I keep having to make them.

There are worse things that could happen.
I got the pattern here after seeing it on craftgawker. It's fairly simple and it looks pretty cute. It's a little slower than I would like. I love afghans that practically crochet themselves! That is not the case with this one. But thus far, I do like the result... so I can't complain. (Err... I can't complain too much.)

Oh. And I was on a roll with the flower photography, so I took a picture of this flowering tree/bush my parents have in the back yard too.
No one knows what it is. They look like apple blossoms, but the tree doesn't produce any fruit... So for now we are stumped by this tree.

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Corrie said...

Yay for spring! I feel the same way - when you see the first stalks of tulips rising out of the ground, it makes you think perhaps this world won't be barren and gray forever, winter can end! :)