Saturday, 17 April 2010

Keeping Warm

Well, I have to say: it's nice to be back in Ottawa. Sure it's raining today. So, the high is 6C (42F). That just means that I get to wear woolens! I already wore this new scarf thing yesterday!

When my HTB-SIL* saw it she said, "I like. But it can't actually keep you warm."
Well, it only took 15 seconds of her wearing it to prove that it does.

It's a crazy simple pattern. (ravelry link) Just straight knitting with some bind off and cast on thrown in there to make the different loops. And although I was really only making it to use up this yarn that I had left over from other projects, I really like it. I might just wear it again today!
So that's one upside of moving. I totally get to wear knitted things more often. (Okay... Summers here are hot. I won't get to wear things then.)
Down side of moving? (Cause there is always a downside): Things that break in transit. Goodbye painted bowl. I loved you.

* HTB-SIL = Hopefully to be Sister-in-law. Love her!


stephchows said...

totally fun and funky scarf! bet my head wouldn't fit through them LOL. and such a bummer about the bowl!!

Corrie said...

oh, sad bowl