Monday, 5 April 2010

Look! New fingerless mittens!There's just something about fingerless mittens that I love!

I made these mittens based off of the Juniper Mittens pattern (from this blog). And Wow! What a fast knit! I cast on as the ferry was leaving port in Picton, and by the time we arrived in Wellington? I was done one! (I noticed halfway through the ferry ride that I had a nice old lady watching me knit and I wanted to say something to her... but then didn't. I couldn't tell if she thought if she thought it was cool or weird that I was knitting.)
I finished the 2nd during random moments here and there in the car and suddenly I had a pair of fingerless mittens.
Even better - styles in NZ are so different that I almost felt normal wearing my arm warmers there while walking through Auckland. Here you don't see them very often, and I sometimes feel self conscious wearing them. There - I think they made me fit in. :)

The one thing I don't love about this pattern is the lack of a gusset. It's just a straight tube. The fake ribbing does mean that it's stretchy, but I really do prefer tighter mittens.

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stephchows said...

you totally should have talked to that lady lol :) love fingerless mittens!