Monday, 18 April 2011


I have a pretty freaking fantastic nephew. He's fun and smart. And he's definitely not afraid to say: "Hey! I like that. Can I have it?" In fact, I've lost these hats to him saying just that! I mean... he's so cute. How could anyone say no??
But it is time for my niece to get a hat too. She's two and although she's as smart as a whip, doesn't talk so much...

It's a pretty cool design. (I downloaded the pattern from Ravelry, but anyone can get it here.)
Years ago, I made a similar hat. You make it using short rows. That makes the curved top. No decreasing needed! Once that is long enough, you pick up all the stitches along the edge and knit the brim.
And now I'm supposed to add an accent. My niece already has a hat from her grandma (SIL's mom) with a crocheted flower, so I was thinking buttons.

These are the ones I've got. I'm not in love with any of them. But I do sort of love the multitude on there. Add a few? Add them all? Go buy new ones?? Don't add buttons at all?
Any opinions?


stephchows said...

That hat from years ago was the one you made me after I commented!! You're awesome :)

OK I may just love buttons but I LOVE THEM ALL ON THERE!!! It's like crazy awesome mishmash of buttons. Love!

Jeanne said...

It totally is that hat!!!
What would have happened if I'd never made it. Yay blog friends. :)

Corrie said...

LOVE the buttons!! Def keep them! It makes it into a super cool/special hat!