Wednesday, 26 August 2009

Stash use

Hi. My name is Jeanne. and I'm a... pack rat.

Yup. I am. Not a bad one. But I am when it comes to yarn. I have a lot of yarn. I just can't throw it away if there's a chance I may want to use it at some point. Waste not, want not and all that. And I buy yarn far too often! FAR too often. So I'm always on the lookout for projects I can make with yarn I already have. This pattern did just that.
So this hat wins on many fronts.

The pink you may remember is from N's Christmas vest/sweater and the grey yarn (if you can believe it) is left over yarn that I still have from a pair of mittens I made in HS for this guy I had a crush on. (See. That's how serious my stash is. It's huge. Full of half skeins I've had sitting around for as much as 10 years! And sadly, the mittens wasn't the start of a beautiful relationship. Sigh...)
Both yarns were a perfect fit for what the project needed. And perfect length. So perfect that after weaving in the ends, I only have 18 inches of pink yarn left. How almost exactly perfect is that? (I still have a bunch of the grey, but that is neither here nor there...)

And you know, this hat may just make me partially rethink pink. I'd wear this hat. But really, I think that amount of pink is still the most I can handle.

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stephchows said...

dude... more and more... we are twins... I made your cute crochet butterfly hat last night... from yarn I bought back in 2001 when I worked in manhattan from a random street vendor who was selling discontinued dye lots for wicked cheep LOL