Friday, 14 August 2009

In the mail!

Yesterday was a good day! Great day! LOOK what I got in the mail!

Come on. Who doesn't love mail? Everyone should love mail. *I* love mail. I love sending mail. I love receiving mail. Any kind of mail. Pretty much if 'mail' is in the word, I love it. Email. Airmail. Snail mail. Black mail. Wait... No... I don't love blackmail. Black mail is bad. But the rest of them are pretty fun.

I love getting things delivered by USPS. My heart leaps a little when I see an envelope covered in stickers. It always has. I even get excited when something I've ordered from Amazon arrives! Even if it's glassware, it's 10 times cooler just because it got delivered. You know, this makes me sound a little lame, but I don't care. I love mail.
Soooo when my jam arrived from the jam exchange I was freaking excited. It's jam. It's homemade. AND it came in the mail. It is automatically fabulous.

So I ripped open the package right away!

And to my delight I got 4 jars of jam from the talented owner of this blog! That's right. 4!
Cranberry, pear-vanilla, apple-cinnamon and sweet potato butter. Sweet potato butter!!? How awesome is that? I just had to run and try it. It is just as tasty as you would imagine! I just had to try the pear-vanilla and it was reeeallllly good!

Thanks so much! I love it!
And thanks to Steph for hosting the exchange. All around good awesome time!


stephchows said...

ooooo April outdid herself with all those jams!! I knew she would do you right :) yum!

April said...

Jeanne, I am so glad that you liked them!! This has been so much fun! Enjoy!