Tuesday, 4 August 2009

A bowl

More than three months ago one of my good friends had fairly major surgery. Big surgery. Decent sized surgery? I don't know how to qualify it. It's not like she had a double bypass or anything, but the surgery was very significant to her life. She got a new ACL and had microfractures done. (Whatever that means. I don't even know if I spelled that correctly.) It was pretty crazy. She was on crutches for a month (and couldn't even drive), and then walked with a cane (at least it was the House cane!) for two weeks, and three months later she's still sort of limping. Needless to say, it sort of affected her life. And so, during the time she couldn't walk, or really do much, we looked for sedentary activities - something very outside of her character. One of those activities was something we'd done in the past, but we don't do that often. We painted pottery.

Although we finished them about a month ago, we only picked them up this past weekend. At the time, it was more about the activity than about the finished product.

But I like the bowl. I like the design I finally decided on after half an hour sitting staring at it (puzzle piece outlines if you can't tell...) and the size of the bowl. We used to have one this size... but then I dropped it one day. It was horrid! (Not the bowl, the fact that I dropped it.) It was even full of fresh pineapple at the time! Tragic.

Can't wait to each a fabulous salad out of it! Or maybe even more pineapple.


stephchows said...

wicked fun bowl!! and great job helping your friend find some activities to keep her busy. Once her leg is healed you guys should take a wheel throwing pottery class, it's so much fun!

Dat Baeb said...

very cool bowl! That poor girl must have been so miserable....athletes stuck indoors is not a pretty sight!

Jeanne said...

She's been surprisingly up beat actually. I think it's harder now actually because she can do some things, but not everything. And it's been three months.