Monday, 24 August 2009

Chunky Scarf

I love it when things come together. When things just fall into place like it was meant to happen. See, I've been meaning to make a Mustard Scarf (pattern name. I don't want a yellow scarf...) for a while, but I haven't. I had the right yarn, reclaimed from a project I didn't like, and I knew I'd like the finished product. I just didn't make it. Why?
I didn't have a button for it.
Well, that changed mid last week. Looking down at the buttons I got in the mail I automatically knew what one of the was going to be used for. This! And although it's not really scarf season I started knitting it that very night.

I didn't choose out the exact button until the scarf was done. I originally thought I'd use the white flower button, but this one just worked better, I think.
And I was right. I like the finished product a lot. I think it'll look pretty good under a nice/dressy winter jacket. ... you know, if/when I ever one of those again... In the meantime I'll just have to see if I can pull it off in the office. & Wear it on days at work when the AC makes it feel like I'm in the arctic. That's, um, everyday. So it's already packed to go into work with me today.
Move aside old scarves. There's a new one in town.


stephchows said...

Yeahhh!!!! I love the scarf! I made a similar style neck wrap last year and used a huge pink button lol totally makes the scarf :) It looks great on you!

Your crochet hat is also wicked fun, I may need to print that one out to make :)

Special K said...

I SUPER LOVE that button! You are adorable! Girl, please join me in my share yourself challenge! You can to pass something small along!