Monday, 20 June 2011


When it comes to braids, I used to think that I was a master. If not a master, at least a well ranked intermediate. Seriously. Braid? Yawn. French braid? I can do it in my sleep. Inside out? I lived in 'em for years. Still do when camping!
(See. Me at Yosemite in a inside out french braid! eating the best muffin in the world.)

So why did I never learn how to fishtail?
I remember back in grade school when this girl on the bus tried to explain the difference between a normal braid and a fishtail. I was soooo confused! My little eight-year old brain couldn't understand! Oh the horrors of living in the days before youtube! Now clarity is just a click away!
So for more than twenty years I've stayed oblivious to the world of fishtails. That is, until I saw this post. So pretty! Now I love 'em! (but still can't do it like in those pics)
A week or two later, I saw another post and I immediately loved the simplicity of the necklace. I wanted to make some, but obviously I had to put my own spin on it. And since I've got more yarn hangin' 'round than I know what to do with, why not make a fishtail necklace out of that!?

Here are the results:

Simple how to:
1) Tie a knot and divide strands in half.
2) Take left most strand of left half and move to right half.
(see I'm going to move the pink one on the outside.)
3. Move right most strand from right half to the left half. In this case I would move the blue strand to the left.
4. Repeat until done! Here's the final result:
Wear. Enjoy!


stephchows said...

OK... seriously... it's that easy??? WHY does it look so intimidating then???

Jeanne said...

It's that easy!! Why did I never learn before??
(FYI I do find it's easier to fishtail hair once straightened.)