Sunday, 12 June 2011

When skunks attack!

This is Moxie, my brother's Weimaraner, who I have the pleasure of dog sitting this weekend.

I bet y'all are thinking: 'man this dog is cute'. Yeah... well, that's cause you can't SMELL him. Seriously people. When skunks attack it's a scary thing. It is nothing warner brothers would have us believe! A noxious smelling spray was exchanged rather than hugs and kisses. And I certainly hope that's not what it smells like when love is in the air!
That is what happened to us this morning when we went on a short little walk. If only we'd gone earlier, before my bike ride. If only I'd thrown the ball the other way. If only Moxie knew not to chase after black and white rodents! Let me tell you, that skunk was no scaredy cat! Amid my yells of "No Moxie! No. No. NO!" the skunk charged one last time, doing a pretty darn agressive donkey kick. And that was that. Poor puppy.

So let this be a warning. This is what you look like after you've been washed in vinegar and then later in a hydrogen peroxide/baking soda mix. Not so happy anymore.

Skunks do not make for a fun Sunday morning.

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stephchows said...

she IS cute! Glad I can't smell her though :D