Thursday, 7 July 2011

Garden update #1

I would tell you to call me the jolly green giantess, but at 5'6", I'm average girl height. And I'm not green. I don't even wear green that often. And, while I think in general I'm a pretty happy person, I'm not jolly. I'll leave that to dear old St. Nick.
But the jolly green giant and I do have a lot of things in common. Mainly: Peas!
The garden is now OVERFLOWING with them! Peas and snap peas too! It is such a tasty and healthy work snack! And that's not all the garden has. Oh no. We've got lettuce and spinach and little tiny zucchinis and today we ate the first beans. I can see little tomatoes on a whole bunch of plants and flowers on so many other things.
And, last but by no means least the blackberries are ripening! And do you know what that means? Raspberries are just around the corner. I can barely contain my glee. Garden glee!
Anyone else out there gardening? Or just plain old enjoying fresh summer produce?
(Hope you don't mind these garden updates, cause I see more coming in the future!)


Corrie said...

Looks sooo yummy!
Do you also hug your belly and say "Ho Ho Ho" sometimes, due to your peas glee?!

stephchows said...

right after I email you that i'm busy... I decide to check the blogs! That pea shot is amazing!! I LOVE IT!! totally hawk it :D love this entry :)