Tuesday, 26 July 2011

Camping like it's 1993

Did you go to sleep-away camp when you were a kid? I did. This past wknd I went camping in the ADK with my super awesome friend Steph, and it totally reminded me of when I was like 13. It was summer camp, but only the best parts!! There were no mean girls or counsellors saying "You can't have another s'more". Instead we had amazing weather, the most beautiful campsite, fun hikes, awesome food, kayaking, rock jumping and (of course) crafts!

Crafts circa 1993 even!
Did you ever make friendship bracelets? Well, when I noticed these popping up all over the blogisphere I thought it would be a hilarious project for Steph and I to undertake in some of our time off. Luckily neither of us have lost our touch.
I love the over the top colours Steph chose for the anklet I made her. It totally reminds me of cotton candy!
Here are a few more pictures from the trip. The view from our campsite! We even swam out to the island and back one day.
From the top of the fire tower on Blue Mountain.
Our fire pit.
All in all, it was one of the most fun camping trips I've ever been on, and I simply cannot wait to go again next year!


stephchows said...

BEST camping trip ever!!! I seriously can't wait for next year either :) SO MUCH FUN! Missing it as I'm sitting at work :(

MaryBe said...

What fun! I am mad jealous. I have tons of camping gear, but haven't used it since we bought our cottage in the Thousand Islands.
Love the friendship bracelets!

Jeanne said...

Steph - I am so excited for next year already!! Can't wait for our next adventure!
MaryBe - Well, a cottage is pretty similar to camping... only more luxurious? :) But you should still go camping there is nothing better.

Corrie said...

Sounds so fun!!!