Monday, 1 August 2011

On the beach

For about the last week I've been visiting friends in California and it has been just so nice! It's fun to go back to somewhere I know so well and see friends I adore so much. It almost makes me wish I had never left! If only I could uproot everyone and everything I love about the Bay Area and take it with me. If only...

Cause I miss things. Like the beach. It was soooo nice to spend 2hrs on a Sunday morning just knitting at the beach.
Seriously. Why did I never do that when I lived in California??
On this past Sunday morning I was going to drive the Big Sur coast, but with it being overcast, I figured it wasn't worth it. So I just listened to the small waves crash on the shore and worked on my latest project. So. Much. Fun. Everything Cali related. I wish I got to stay around for longer.
More pictures to come.


Corrie said...

(we have beaches here too!)

stephchows said...

I miss being able to sit by the ocean too. Knitting on the beach sounds fabulous!! So glad you had fun!!