Monday, 29 August 2011

Garden Update 3

In case you didn't know... it's tomato season! And we have hundreds of tomatoes to prove it! Look at 'em all!!
For weeks I've been having eggs and tomatoes for breakfast. Tomato & cucumber salads for lunch. And bruchetta with dinner. Tomatoes are so great! I think of them as the ice cream of vegetables - everyone likes tomatoes. (And yes. For you purists I know that tomatoes are actually fruit.)
I bet you are wondering what we did with ALL of the tomatoes above. No we didn't feed an army. But we did make a lot, a lot of tomato sauce this weekend. Both Saturday and Sunday. At one point on Saturday we had 4 big pots and one crock pot all cooking tomato sauce. Pretty awesome, eh?

Although it may seem impossible, there are other things growing in the garden. Most notably: Musk Melons! I don't love them, but it is pretty exciting that these grew. Every other year we've grown them they've never matured enough to eat.
This lone yellow pepper. Not sure what we're going to use it for yet... It is the only one out there.
And there are things still to come. Like acorn squash!
And butternut squash, kale, a 2nd round of beans and peas (as long as the temperature holds) and if we are really lucky, maybe even a pumpkin or two!

One last pic. On Sunday night I was walking from room to room in the house when it was suddenly lit by this amazing light. I looked outside to see the most amazing twilight and just had to take a picture of the amazing pink and purple clouds.


stephchows said...

Yeah veggies!!! I feel bad for the lone yellow pepper hehe. Lovely pics :)

Corrie said...

Odd but true - some people don't like tomatoes. Weird, right!?!
LOVE The pics!