Tuesday, 24 January 2012


I recently found some more chunky yarn. Well... more like the yarn found it's way to me. Yarn magic is even better than jewelry magic in my humble opinion! (H&A reference. Go with it.) So what to do with this free yarn? I've seen some awesome fun cowls around and wanted to make myself another one. Maybe cowls are my new go to knit. So easy to make, so fun to wear. 

Well, since it was only had one ball of the stash yarn my cowl came out a little small. 

One thing I love about chunky yarn? It works up so quickly. I made this cowl during the first half of the ManU vs Bolton game. Look at the difference in size between my key coy hook, and the one I used for this cowl. Slight difference, eh?

I just sort of made up the pattern as I went along. I cast on the number of stitches that would make the cowl the right size. Then working in the round did a 3 row pattern of:

R1: SC
R2: SC
R3: 2 DC, slip stitch and skip next stitch.

Easy! And by the time Bolton (English Premier soccer) was losing (sad) the cowl was done.


stephchows said...

SO cute!! do you mean 2 DC, ch1, skip next stitch? I don't think you mean slip stitch??

Jeanne said...

Oh. ... yes. that is what I meant. I'll have to go back and update the post. Thanks! (I'm so bad at crochet!)

Corrie said...

AH, this is crochet? I was wondering if you crochet.