Thursday, 21 March 2013

Who me?

Hedwig? Is that you?

Nope. Just a knitted owl. But a cute one!

I can't begin to tell you how long this hat has been in my queue of things to make. YEARS I'm sure. It wasn't until Steph requested one for Christmas (... um yes. Christmas. You aren't wrong in thinking it is now March... Late deliver?) that I finally put my needles towards making it. 

Now I feel even sillier that I hadn't made it before. The pattern is free, and super easy to follow!And making the owls is kinda fun. I hadn't done cables in a while so it was a nice change. 

Love the owls. I might just have to make something else with them.


stephchows said...

I love love love it!! And even though it's the first day of spring we still have snow, so I can still wear it!!! yeah!!! THANK YOU!!!

Corrie said...

LOVE IT! that is super awesome! Owls are hot right now! :)

rujam said...

it's on my to do project list