Monday, 6 April 2009

Going Green

Everything seems to be 'going green' these days, and just to keep up, this post is too. 

First with my green Kirigamis from the month of March. (I guess in honour of St. Patrick's day... not that any of them had shamrocks...) 

And then with my next sock project. I'm going to make a friend some green socks. She doesn't love socks, and didn't want anything fancy (thank goodness!) so I'm going to make her a pair of Thuja's. That's the pattern she wanted. 
I sent her some sock pictures and she chose that one out. Unfortunately... I didn't notice it was a man's pattern until she'd chosen it. Now I'm trying to figure out if going down one needle size from the pattern description will be enough. I saw on ravelry that some people knit starting with 60 stitches, but on smaller needles. I don't know if I can wing a sock pattern just yet... 
So, there may be some frogging involved with these socks... We'll see. 

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