Thursday, 30 April 2009

Choose your own adventure

The Great get-rid-of-your-stash-with-any-possible-pattern Project continues! Here's the latest addition to the stash bust.

This yarn? It's from Ireland.

If you remember I went there on a trip with my bestest friend back in the day. Great trip! Ireland, as we learned, is the land of the sheep. They are everywhere! And I thought it would be super cool if I made said bestest friend a pair of mitts from Irish yarn! But there was one problem. How to get some without her knowing? I made up some lie about going to cash a traveler's cheque or something, but instead I bought yarn! Two balls for two pairs of mitts. This is the yarn that is left over from that project. Yeah. From 2002. That gives you some idea just how big my stash must be.

Unfortunately, since it was the scraps of one ball, it meant there wasn't much to work with on this one. I really thought there would be enough to get me a scarf (I really want a new one for work cause work is so cold!), even if just a short scarf, but no. It barely fits around my head!

But that's okay. Cause now it's sort of like a choose your own adventure piece. Headband? Cowl? Wristband? Up to you!

This pattern is fun. (Dream Swatch Head Wrap) In fact, it looked so fun that I had to try it. I've never switched stitches as they had described and so I just had to try it! (cables are different). It's a fun pattern. Easy to understand and easy to do with reading, if you don't mind taking a break from the book every sixth row.
I think that it does look better with a variegated yarn. That way you can see the yarn swaps. And for a headband I would have preferred it to be narrower. Then again, I didn't do a gauge swatch, so the pattern might be narrower than what I ended up with.
All in all, a fun one day project.
One more ball down? Too many to count to go!

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