Saturday, 13 February 2010


This post is about frogs, but this time it has nothing to do with ripping out projects. I actually knit frogs!
Aren't these froggies cute? Well... actually, I like to pretend that they are salamanders. I wanted to use scrap yarn I had leftover (from here) and red seemed to pair well with black, so I knit it up! And that's when I realized just how in your face the red/black combination would be. They don't look much like frogs, do they? Hence the pretending they are salamanders.

Because I used scrap yarn, I ended up having to slightly modify the pattern to make it the right size. With those modifications came an error. Totally my fault! Two of the frogs face the same direction.
Could have been worse, right?

(Please ignore the fact that this is a hat... It was just too cute to resist! And it used up stash yarn!! I had to make it. But in case you are counting hat total for 2010 = 3.)


Dat Baeb said...

those are most definitely frogs! love the red and black combo.

stephchows said...

totally talented!! I think they look like frogs for sure!! and the red black isn't too in your face if you ask me :)