Wednesday, 24 February 2010

Colour work

I realized it while making this hat that I don't do a lot of colour work.

(I made this to get rid of stash yarn. Really... Not because hats are go-to knitting for me. Or I am in a hat rut. Still...)

Almost everything I've made in the past year or so (other than the rare project) is one colour. Or at most - it has a stripe in it. Like above.

So I asked myself, 'Why don't you do more colour work?' I really enjoyed making the frog hat, and I know my fairisle needs practice so I set myself a goal that during the Olympics (which I'm loving! Especially now that Canada is winning some medals. :) The winter games totally make me want to learn how to x-country ski! Only I might not be coordinated enough. ... anyway...) that I would concentrate on doing some colour work projects.
So over the next few weeks (while I'm on vacation. yay!) there'll be some posts on that theme. I've already finished three hats and the fourth is almost done.
I think you'll like 'em. I do! They've all been pretty successful. Similar, but different. You'll see. And you'll have to tell me which one you like the most. :)

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stephchows said...

can't wait to see them and have FUN on your trip!!! so exciting!!!!