Thursday, 18 February 2010

Redone scarf

Scarf Update! Thanks for the comments! Based off of them, I frogged the ugly scarf! And this is the result:

Better? Well, I at least think the colour combinations are better. And the stripes definitely look better when they are even. Right? At least this scarf is kinda cool.

Unfortunately, now the scarf is a little short. I ran out of yarn... and the purpose was sort of to use some stash yarn, so buying more yarn doesn't really make sense.
So that's the way it goes.
It's not perfect, but I do like it at least. If I was still hating it, that would be cause for concern. And I feel I can gift it without feeling like I'm giving a 2nd rate gift.


stephchows said...

You know what I love doing with a short scarf situation?? Add a button and a button loop on the other end/or hole in the middle. It makes a cute little neck piece! so comfy :)

Jeanne said...

That is a GREAT suggestion. Thanks! I am so totally doing that! (and perfect timing. I'm giving it away this weekend!)