Monday, 1 March 2010

#1 - not even fairisle

It begins. Three cheers for colour work projects!!!
See how this hat is two colours? See how it's not stripes!?

Funny thing? This hat is a fake!! At least it's a fake when it comes to colour work.
To make it you really only have to be able to knit with one colour at a time. How is the pattern done? You slipping some stitches (not knitting them in that row) but knitting others with the contrast colour. Can you tell by this picture?

Genius! Pure genius I tell you! (I got the pattern here.)

So hat #1 is a success! I love the results. (Even if I did make a small mistake in it...) I love the crisp lines in the design. All in all, a great first colour work hat.


Corrie said...

A 'fake' or not, its looks pretty fancy, so I'm impressed! :)

stephchows said...

ok that is one crazy cool pattern!!!! I agree with corrie, totally fancy. Hope the trip is kicking butt!!!

Dat Baeb said...

This one is awesome. Liam LOOOVES it!