Wednesday, 24 March 2010

I'm back!

I'm back from my trip Beside Down Under. Did you miss me!?

... no?
Well, I suppose I did have my automatic posts going on while I was away, so that makes sense. I'm glad you liked the Olympic hats!

I have so much to tell about New Zealand. So many little stories, but I'll only share one now.
New Zealand has a lot of sheep. I've heard numbers like, there are 7 sheep for every 1 person in NZ. So, as one might imagine I was really hoping to buy some wool as a good NZ souvenir. Good idea right?
Well, the only yarn I saw in the three weeks that I was there was made in China! WTF? How disappointing is that? I couldn't even find a real yarn store!
In NZ's defense I didn't have a lot of time to look for one. I looked some up online, hoping to get to one in Auckland, but they were all too far away from the downtown area that I was in and I thought I'd have to see at least one shop with NZ yarn. Nope.

Oh well. The rest of the trip was incredibly, crazily amazing! Not one complaint here. It is such a beautiful country and I loved traveling with my bro& his family.
And luckily I brought two balls of yarn from home. I made this hat on the flight, but didn't have much chance to wear it there. The weather was too nice.

(Sutro Heights Hat pattern here.)

But my niece liked playing with it, and it is she who is modeling it. Yes me and my 1yo niece can share this hat. It's way long on her and just the right length for me. And with the ribbing it stretches to almost any head size (and was still a little bit big on her).
And best thing? When she got bored with having it on her head? The hat became a puppet. And that obviously was even more fun. :)

So, glad to be back! And I have a few other finished projects to share in the days to come.


stephchows said...

such a cute pic! and what a bummer you couldn't find yarn :( that makes zero sense!

Corrie said...

Yes, did miss you! :)