Saturday, 6 March 2010

#2 - Swirls

While I'm not sold on these colours, I love this hat.

It looks very Hallowe'en-ish.
But I do love the swirls back and forth. And it knit up super fast!
I also really like the fact that the pattern comes with instructions for how to make it so that you can't see the start/end of a row. It's called an Aunt Jean invisible jog. Easy to do, and it makes the hat so much nicer. (Doesn't have a bad name either! :) )

The only thing I would change about this hat is the ribbing on the cuff. It's k4, p1. I don't like how wide the sections are. I like it when they are more uniform.
But all in all, a good hat!


Corrie said...

Yes, this is pretty - Hallowe'en colours aside.

Dat Baeb said...

It looks great on Chris, too.