Wednesday, 17 March 2010

#4 - Fairisle

Project #4. The last of my Olympic watching hats! :) I hope you've enjoyed them!

This one was by far the hardest. (Okay. It was still pretty easy...) Why? Because the colours are worked all the way through the decreases. And because I had to flub the pattern I got here because I was trying to change it on the go to be a kid's hat. Did I succeed? Not sure.

Because of that my tension isn't very consistent throughout the hat. Look at those long tails around the top. Ew. It looks like a horrible rat's nest. (Compare it to the red fake fairisle hat and you'll definitely see a difference!)

Still, of al of the hats, I think this one looks the best. It probably looks the best because of the pattern around the top!

So there we go. My 4 colour work hats. Which one did you like the best.


stephchows said...

wicked cute pattern :)

Dat Baeb said...

Braeden wore this hat for St. Patrick's Day and it looked CRAZY cute!!!