Thursday, 11 March 2010

#3 - Candy stripes

I totally changed the pattern of this hat!

I had to because of the yarn that I used. It's supposed to have a whole other set of white stripes on it. The hat would have been totally the wrong size had I done them!

My thoughts: I like the ribbing (k3, p2) and the feel of this hat. But again, I'm not sold on the colour combination. Funny how for the frog hat, I didn't like the definite contrast in the colours. For this one I wish you could see the difference between the white and pink a little more.


Corrie said...

You've gone HAT crazy!!! ahahahha!

stephchows said...

i have to say i'm loving the hat craziness :)

Dat Baeb said...

I love this hat! It looks super cute on me, too. I got a ton of comments.