Saturday, 1 January 2011

Blogiversay 3!

Happy New Years to you! Happy 3rd blogiversary to me! I feel a little like: has it really only been 3 years? and it's only been 3 years! at the same time.

And with the blogiversary and New Years comes my knitting year recap. I did this last year, and found it interesting, so I thought I'd post my stats for what I made this year:

Hats - 18
Sweaters - 5
Scarves - 6
Shawls - 1
Headbands - 0
Socks/Slippers - 0
Bags - 0
Baby Afghans - 1
Mittens - 2
Dish cloths - 3
other - 3

All of those numbers are down from last year. (Except I made my first shawl, so that number is up.) With a long trip, and moving and WAY more soccer in the mix, I just haven't spent as much time knitting. But that's okay. It's still been a great year.

And here is one last craft from 2010. Aof the cardigans I gave for Christmas to my 2yo niece.

I hate to say it, but I hate it. I hate the sweater that is. The colour is okay... (not great...) but the result is just gross. Don't you think?
It bunched under the arms. And the collar is weird. And I'm not a huge fan of crocheted sweaters... But I'm going to blame the pattern. Not me. No. It's not my fault! Really... Probably... Perhaps? Luckily my niece is the cutest thing since this, and if anyone could pull off this ugly sweater it's her!

But all in all, it's been a good year. Hopefully there are more good crafts to come!
All the best in 2011!!


stephchows said...

LOL happy anniversary (late) and I don't think it's as bad as you are saying... although maybe on it is... got any cute pics of her in it!?

Corrie said...

YAY! Happy Blogiversary!