Sunday, 9 January 2011


This isn't the sweater I was planning to make my nephew this year for Christmas.

I was going to make him this super cute vest. I even started the super cute vest while on my way to Vancouver. I was a good ways into it when I realized my gage (although I did a swatch) was totally off. Very off. But rather than rip it out... (because ripping out knitting is like ripping my heart in two.) I turned that start of a sweater into a scarf. (One I haven't posted about yet.)

I also found that I didn't have the desire to restart the same project. So I went back to ravelry and found a new sweater to make him. I wanted something bulky so that it would knit up quickly. It did go quickly. Although not quickly enough for me to finish by Christmas. But still - good enough! (He already had enough gifts under the tree anyways. And more importantly what 4yo wants a sweater when he could get toys?!?!!)

But I'm pretty happy with it. I might have done the buttons a little differently had I truly thought about it and not just followed the pattern. (Actually I think I misunderstood the pattern cause something just didn't seem right there.)

But yay! Now another year of Christmas sweaters is complete! I'm already looking forward to next year. (But glad I get to craft some other things in the meantime.)

(wow. did you notice I put a lot of stuff in brackets in this post??)


stephchows said...

Super cute... and that other vest... although I love it... doesn't' look very boyish if you ask me... I think it would work better on a girl :D

Corrie said...

I like the buttons.

Jeanne said...

The buttons were free! I got them from an old sweater a friend was throwing away. How good is that?!