Friday, 28 January 2011

Frugal or cheap or just crafty?

They say you learn something everyday. Well, while I'm not sure that's true about today, I did learn something back in December. Did you know that they have 50% off days at the Goodwill?
Okay, so that's nothing special or exciting, but it does have to do with this post. Because when I was in the Goodwill just a week before Christmas to look through the kids books and shoes (man, does my niece ever love shoes!) I ended up coming away with this:

You are probably wondering what this ugly XL sweater has to do with anything. Sure I got for the low, low price for $3. But who in her right mind would buy it?? If you aren't wondering that, you should be!
Well, I didn't buy it to wear it. I bought it for the cheap wool. Does that make me cheap? Or frugal? Or just plain crafty? I'm going to go for the third. That's the one that makes me feel the best at least.
Out of the unraveled wool I was able to make a hat, mittens and the biggest scarf/cowl thing in the world.

Here's the hat!
As you can probably tell, it's my own random design. A random cable thrown in for fun. And even more fun: another pompom!

The best part about this pompom is that because I made it with previously used wool, the strands don't stick straight out, but curl. I think that's pretty freaking cute.


Suzanne with Laughing Wallet said...

What a great idea! I'll bet you can find some interesting kinds/colors of wool this way, too. I have a friend who knits - I'm going to tell her this little tip!

stephchows said...

how did I not see this up on friday!! Super cute hat and I love the curly pompom how seriously fun!!!

Jeanne said...

The pompom is definitely the best part of the hat! I hated the hat before I added it. Now I love it!!