Wednesday, 14 September 2011

Better late than

When it comes to gifts, I tend to think people would agree that it's better on time than late, but better late than never. Right? Well, I was just over a month late when I delivered this gift to the incomparable steph chows. That's not too late, right??

By now everyone should know how I feel about taking reusable bags when shopping, so when I saw this great idea for using an old men's shirt to make a bag I knew I had to do it! I pretty much followed the directions exactly. I went and got a $1 shirt from the Goodwill, bought some straps, did a little sewing. Voila! Reusable bag! 
Thanks so much for a great idea!

And luckily I had a chance to give Steph the bag when we met up for dinner a few nights ago. I spent the weekend in Philadelphia visiting some old friends (they aren't old, we've just been friends for awhile), so our visit was right on the way. Too bad we don't live closer, but I'm so glad we get to hang out.

Here are some of my favourite pictures from my trip:


stephchows said...

yeah yeah yeah!! love the bag and love all the shots you took! SO MANY GOOD ONES!! esp. love teh b/w of that sad decrepit but beautiful old house!

Corrie said...

OMG! You guys have practically-matching glasses! Cute! And what was that red beverage?!? Looks yum.

Jeanne said...

haha. We do kinda have matching glasses. You can get some too! (Warby Parker)
The pink beverage is a Lady's Choice (cream soda and peach ice cream) from this shop in Philly called Franklin's Fountain. They even wear period dress. SO much fun! Wish you'd been there with me!

stephchows said...

ironically I wasn't wearing my WP! If I was we'd look even more alike! Jeanne send her one of the camping pics LOL