Thursday, 9 July 2009

Another bag

Sometimes when it comes to crafts, I bite off a little more than I can chew.
It didn't used to be that way. I was a boring, do the same mitten pattern over and over and over again sort of a girl. I only ever really worked on one thing at a time. Now? Let's just say I'm a little concerned I may not get a few things done on time. And all because I see cool patterns that are so different, or look so interesting in their construction that I want to try right away, and so I do.
Cool patterns like this design for a scarf. I really wanted to see how the waves were made but I didn't really want to make a scarf. So instead I made this:

Look familiar? It should. Not that long ago I made a reusable bag, and this one is very similar.
I got a brain wave about making it into a bag, because this was the only variegated yarn I had in my stash, and it worked so well last time on the bag. So, I melded the two patterns, making the scarf into a tote bag.
I think it's got good stretch, both horizontally and vertically, so it'll probably be good for carrying groceries or books. But only things big enough to not fall out of the holes. I haven't done an intensive test of it yet, but thus far it's been working out well.
Like I said, it didn't take me that long and I'm really pleased with the outcome, but unfortunately all these little projects I do just rob me of the time I should be spending on the big ones.

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