Tuesday, 28 July 2009


Wanna know one of the best things about people? We're all individuals. Everyone in the world is different. Some people like knitting. Some people like motorcycles. Others still, like knitting and motorcycles. (Not me, but I bet there is someone out there...) We are a wide and varied group of people in this here world. And thank goodness for that.
Still, this at times does pose a problem. Everyone is different, and so, we all have different opinions, likes, dislikes and preferences.
Why is this bad? Because, although I got a lot of GREAT feedback about the cupcakes and although a lot of the comments were similar, there are no cut and dry decisions from it. There was enough variation to still be hard. Some people loved one icing and others hated it. Some people liked the first lemon cupcake, and others liked the second version. Some people, like me, love ginger, whereas it was a big turn off for others. One person loved the caramel, raved about it, but most others only thought it was so-so. Some loved the chocolate ganache, others thought it wasn't sweet enough.
What to do? Well, luckily for me maybe I can make the bride have the final say.
But I am so glad I did the trial. 1) I learned that assembly line is definitely the way to go. Prepare ALL of the dry ingredients at once so that the kitchenaid can always be going (except during bowl washing of course). 2) No matter how many eggs you've calculated you need, you will always need more! I used 24!! 3) After 10 hours standing, my feet KILLED! (I am totally tipping my next waitress more. How do they do it!?)
Anyways, here's the round up of what I made.

Chocolate with Semi-sweet Chocolate ganache topped with roasted hazelnuts:

Salted Caramel:
Lemon #1 & #2, with lemon cream cheese icing:Chai with Honey Ginger Frosting:

Vanilla: (This was my placebo entry. It's a TJ box mix. ha! Got you! I wanted to know if I could trust people to pick out the box mix from the others. And they could! .... for the most part.)
Overall? The winners are definitely Chocolate and Lemon. People were split between the pumpkin and chai option. I got some good suggestions for how to make them even better that I will
My favourite? Hands down, Chai. It is sooo good. But I like ginger.

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stephchows said...

I still can't believe how many you made! By name alone I'd pick the chocolate hazelnut one YUM!!