Wednesday, 15 July 2009

Premier night!

Right now, I bet you are wondering if we've entered nuclear winter. What other reason could there be to wear three scarves at once? Not many, but there is one. An important one. I'm just that excited about the latest installment of the Harry Potter movie!! If you can't tell from my projects, I'm a small Harry Potter fan. Okay, a sort of big Harry Potter fan. I admit it.
So, that's why right now I'm watching Half Blood Prince! Well, just finishing watching the trailers and the movie is starting.
(Oh Blogger, thank you for scheduled posts. :) Enabling me to do two things at once... sorta.)

Reason for two more scarves? Especially when I already have a Ravenclaw of my own? I was so excited that I wanted to make some for the friends who are seeing the movie with me. Happy unbirthday to you!

Funny how I have yet to make a Slytherin one. Scarf count, 2 Gryffindors, 3 Ravenclaws, 2 Hufflepuffs and 0 Slytherins. (Although I probably will make a Slytherin one before the 7th movie - part 1, in support of Sev. Oh Sev. I always believed in you & I still cry for you. Really. I probably am crying for you right now. Or will be in 2hrs...)

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stephchows said...

Scarves in the summer... you must all be hard core fans :) they look great!