Sunday, 11 January 2009

Go Go Gryffindor

This is a simple crocheted Gryffindor scarf that I've been working on for about a week. And it's already done. Crocheting can be so much faster than knitting at times. 

A friend of a friend saw one of my Ravenclaw scarves (of which there are two) and requested a Gryffindor. I had the yarn on hand already, and if a girl wants a HP scarf, she should have one. So here is it. I made myself one a few years ago with the same yarn colours, and it's interesting to see how mine has faded. This one is much more vibrant.

Unfortunately, I made this new one a little wider (just two chains I think) than the other ones I've made, so this one isn't as long. On the other ones I've done 9 repeats of the main pattern. This one only got 7 and then I ran out of the maroon. And I started with a full ball. So annoyingly the ends don't match exactly.

I hope she doesn't notice. Or if she does notice, she won't mind too much. I tried to think of a way to salvage it without either buying a whole other ball or frogging the whole scarf... and I didn't come up with anything. So unfortunately, non-matching will have to do. 

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